Fiqh Council of North America has determined that Eid ul Fitar will be celebrated on Monday, May 2nd

There will be two (2) Eid Prayers at CIMIC on Eid Day

7:30 AM and 10 AM 

Students are encouraged to attend the first prayer, while families are encouraged to attend the second prayer

You can also ‘Tune-In’ on CIMIC Social Media or Live broadcast page for the 10 AM Prayer streaming starting at 9:45 AM

If you haven’t paid your $12/person Zakat ul Fitar please do so via this link  and also donate to your Masjid here – Jazakallah Khair

Detailed announcement and guidelines are below – Appreciate your cooperation in keeping the community safe

There are also going to be children’s activities after the second Eid prayer at the Masjid, head over to the Eid Events page for more details

May, 2nd Eid ul Fitar Prayer Schedule

7:30 AM — First Eid Prayer

10:00 AM — Second Eid Prayer (Also On CIMIC Facebook and YouTube)


Details provided by the CIMIC Board for the community (Contact Br. Waleed Jasim if any questions)

Eid safety rules, it must be followed at all times.

Make woudu at home

Masks are require inside the Masjid. 

Bring change to give to the children 

Parking is for out of town & handicapped. 

The second prayer will have program for the children

Eid Al Fiter will be Monday, May 2nd. Please donate for children Eid gifts, & other Eid expenses. Contact Brs. Waqar 908-416-4035, or Waleed, or Tanweer 217-721-476.

Don’t forget to give money (change) to the children after the prayer.