CIMIC-IT Division

Taking CIMIC to Next Gen.

Extensive use of tech. on premises (apps, displays, secure netowrking and much more..)

Roll out of integrated membership & donation system with financial tracking

Virtual fundraisers, register for programs and stay updated with streaming services.


Adaptation of MOHID for membership, donations, bookkeeping and election lists


Live lectures, talks and Khutbas on thew new CIMIC YouTube Channel


Real time engagement with CU Community with live streams on Facebook

Follow CIMIC on Twitter for both important and interesting Updates



Download our newly launched iPhone or Android
‘CIMIC Connect’ App to donate, and receive urgent notifications and information on prayer timings


Our Team


Tanweer Alam

Samir Khan

Waqar Ehsan

IT-Social Media

Fatima Ahmed

Dua Asoqui

IT- Audio/Video Production

Sheikh Farhan

Marium Kureishy

Talha Al-Zoubi

Abdarahman Siam

IT- Content Editor

Zaheeda Darvesh

Ammar Bhutta – CIMIC – CIO

For Network, WiFi or other tech. support please continue reaching out to and soon we will have a centralized e-ticketing system for your requests Inshallah.



Looking for a Technology based Volunteering Opportunity?

Introducing CIMIC IT Division

We have transformed the old CIMIC Internet Committee into an IT Division providing opportunity for volunteer interns. The CIMIC IT Division will serve and cater to all technology based requirements for CIMIC in today’s technology driven environment.

Now here is the kicker!
We are looking for student volunteer interns to learn, develop, enhance and create new technology based solutions and social media platforms for CIMIC.

  • Want your work and efforts recognized as part of your CV?- Great!, we will be on LinkedIn as well for you to use this contribution as a career development activity and experience. 

How can I get this opportunity?

Are you a High School student, Undergrad or in Grad. school?, interested in learning and applying new technologies to build solutions for a Nonprofit ?

– Reach out to us at the new CIMIC IT Division email to explore options

Here are just few of the cutting edge projects we are envisioning

  • A modern and interactive website supported by Mobile Apps and even an Amazon Alexa skill
  • Easy and intuitive options to communicate and share the Muslim scene in CU
  • Interested in security?, how about exploring facial recognition systems
  • Help archive the Champaign-Urbana Muslim history at a place where the first Muslim student organization was born
  • Content  and Social Media Management being sought- Hello writers and Instagram/Twitter folks!
  • Php, Web, IOS, Android, Database, AWS, Crimp Network cables- you are well versed or just want to learn and contribute
Welcome Aboard!

If this sparked your interest or you know of a tech savvy Muslim youth, who would like to earn reward and gain real world experience working with industry professionals please reach out to our new email @

CIMIC IT Division (formerly Cimic Internet Committee)

Reach Out to Us


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