Looking to become a CIMIC member or sign-up for updates, please visit the membership & mailing list page. For volunteering with committees, please see the options below or select a specific committee from the Services menu (Services->CIMIC Committees) from the top menu

CIMIC’s events and services require the hard work and dedication of community members. Find out below how you can join in the effort! If you have an idea not listed or a unique skill that you think would benefit CIMIC, please contact cimic@cimic.org

Ways to Get Involved

(Please contact the email address next to each item if interested)

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• Arabic teacher / assistant teacher at the children’s weekend school: cws-email

• Islamic studies teacher / assistant teacher at the children’s weekend school:  cws-email

• Qur’an teacher at the children’s weekend school: cws-email

• Giving classes, seminars, or individual lessons for adults: edu-email

Events and Programming:

• Organizing seminars and social events: seminar-emailsocial-email

• Organizing youth night activities: myg-email

• Volunteering for the food pantry: pantry-email

Outreach and Interfaith:

• Hosting non-Muslim visitors at the mosque: visit-email

• Interfaith liaison with other faith communities: outreach-email

• Urbana Farmer’s Market outreach booth: outreach-email

• Outreach to local prisons: outreach-email

Digital Media and Design:

• Updating the website: cimicitdiv@cimic.org

• Managing social media accounts: internet-email

• Graphic design for event flyers: internet-email

General Mosque Maintenance:

• Cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, bathrooms, etc.): cimic-email

• Exterior maintenance (lawn mowing, yard work, snow removal):  cimic-email

• Maintaining the library:  cimic-email

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Full List of Emails for reaching out:


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