CIMIC Live Events

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  • Jumma/Friday Khutba starting 1:05 PM
  • Nightly Taraweeh Prayers During Ramadan starting 9:30 PM
  • Other announced events on CIMIC Social Media ( Facebook and YouTube  ) or the Events page

YouTube Live stream will start here at the event scheduled time. You can view some previous streams.

May, 13th Eid ul Fitar CIMIC Prayer Schedule

7:30 AM — First Eid Prayer

10:00 AM — Second Eid Prayer (Also On CIMIC Facebook and YouTube starting 9:45 AM)

11:00 AM — Third Eid Prayer

Live events on CIMIC Facebook and YouTube


—Our Ramadan 2020 and Eid Day Virtual Salat and Khutba Events were highly received by the community