This is an H1 Element for Headlines.

This is an H3 Element for Subheadings

This is an H2 Element for Smaller Headlines.

This next paragraph will have some bold type, italics and inline links. Let’s start with a link to Great!  Now, lets see what some bold text looks like. Awesome! You’re really getting the hang of it. Finally, here is some italicized text. Congratulations! Time to move on to the next section.

This is a paragraph of text. This is another sentence for this example of a paragraph. Once again, I’m typing another sentence for an example of paragraph formatting on this website. When a page of content is published with a paragraph, that paragraph will look like this by default. Let’s get a couple more sentences in. Okay, that was one and this is the second of the final two sentences of this paragraph.

This is an H4 Element for Smaller Bold Lines of text.

This is an H5 Element for even smaller lines of bold text.

Below, we will get in some block quotes, followed by some lists:

This is a block quote.

It’s useful for when you want to highlight a bit of text from the content.

Now let’s try an unordered list.

  • This is the first item of an unordered list.
  • This means that it will use bullet points.
  • Unlike an ordered list that uses numbers.

This next list is an ordered list

  1. As you can see, each item is numbered.
  2. See, this one is numbered “2.”
  3. Here is one more item for good measure.
This is an H6 Element for small text like fine print.