<Updated: July 20th, 2021>

The CIMIC Board, in consultation with the members of the Ibadaat Committee and Dr. Awais Vaid, is updating the Masjid guidelines. We will be using the Honor System to implement the guidelines and request all community members to continue practicing caution and protecting those who are vulnerable.

The Masjid’s capacity is being increased to 60% occupancy based on the current Public Health guidelines.

If you are experiencing any symptoms like fever or cough, please continue to stay home.

No handshakes, hugging or eating at any place inside the Masjid.


For those who are Fully Vaccinated:

  • Masks are not required but still recommended.
  • Prayer rugs are still required.


For those who are Not fully vaccinated or not vaccinated at all or under the age of 12 years:

  • Masks are required, and please wear a mask properly (covering the mouth and the nose).
  • Keep 6 ft. social distance (during prayers please pray in the designated spots).
  • Prayer rugs are required.


Hand sanitizers are available in the Masjid, please use them regularly.

All are still encouraged to make wudu at home.

Praying outside the Masjid is always available any time.


Note: These guidelines are subject to change based on the CDC and CUPHD guidance, CIMIC team will continue to consult and update as needed. This has been a long phase wise approach based on ‘safety first’ for our community

Jazaak Allah Khair to all community members for helping in this effort by following the guidelines and keeping our brothers, sisters, and children safe.

Thank you for your cooperation, may Allah bless you all