CIMIC will be reopening starting July 4th Inshallah in a phase wise approach.

We appreciate the community for the patience and all the helpful suggestions on ‘how to open up safely’, as much as possible.

We understand there is no ‘ideal’ solution to this situation, but we have tried our best to get inputs from CUPHD, community as well as guidance based on health and religious aspects, to establish the below guidelines for reopening. May Allah (swt) guide us all to the right path.

We again sincerely request for the community to help us follow the guidelines for every one’s safety.


Phase I will commence on July 4th  (Duhar & Maghrib Prayers Only)

Phase II will commence  July 18th (All prayers including Friday Prayers)

Guidelines and Regulations

It is strongly recommend to pray at home (per our Imam’s recommendation).

Praying at the Masjid will take place outside on the grass during dry weather.

The prayer may be moved indoors based on weather conditions, with doors and windows open.

Detailed Guidelines/Regulations:

  1.  If you are feeling sick or have an elevated temperature, please stay home.
  2. Make wudu at home (Masjid bathrooms & wudu areas, as well as all other small rooms, are not available).
  3. It is encouraged that people older than 65 years of age not to be at the Masjid during prayers especially those with weak immune systems or underlying health conditions.
  4. No children under 16 years of age in the Masjid even if they are with parents.
  5. Maximum number allowed in the masjid is 50 people total (men & women). Once the number 50 is reached no one will be admitted.
  6. Must wear a face mask at all times.
  7. Bring your own prayer rug.  No one will be admitted without wearing a face mask & having their own rug.
  8. Take your shoes off outside the Masjid & place them on the shoe rack outside.
  9. If raining, please follow a one way path in and out of the Masjid as marked.
  10. Observe social distancing rules (6 feet minimum).
  11. During prayer, stand on the designated spot as marked by tape or color spray.
  12. No handshakes or hugs.
  13. Avoid gatherings in or out of the Masjid.
  14. The Masjid will be used for prayers only, no sports, school, or meetings.
  15. Please minimize time in the masjid & do Sunnah at home.
  16. There will be two (*) Friday prayers. One at 1:05 pm, the 2nd is at 2:05 pm

The first Friday July 24th, 2020 is for people with last names beginning with A  –  I 

The following Friday 31st, 2020 is for people with last names beginning with J  –  Z

Keep alternating the above last name groupings until further notice. This will give a maximum number of people a chance to attend Friday prayers.

(*) Depending on how phase-I goes, The Masjid may have 3 Friday prayers every Friday & divide people into three groups based on their last names.

Let us encourage each other to follow these guidelines and protect our community and volunteers.

May Allah keep all of us in His Protection.