Eid ul Fitar will be celebrated on Sunday May, 24th

Due to ongoing restrictions on large gatherings there are no congregational Eid prayers being scheduled by CIMIC

However, we will have a Virtual ‘Eid Prayer Event’ along with Takbeerat and Eid Khutba, with an opportunity to pray Eid at home with your families.

*There is also going to be a Drive Through Eid Treats for Kids outside the Masjid at 11:00am

Eid Day Virtual schedule, please stay tuned via CIMIC Social Media


May, 24th Eid ul Fitar Day-Virtual Event on Facebook and YouTube

9:50 AM — Takbeerat

10:00 AM — Break for Eid Prayers at home

10:05 AM — Virtual Khutba by Imam Ousmane

10:20 AM — *Virtual Kids Event

If you haven’t paid your $12/person Zakat ul Fitar please do so via this link and also donate to your Masjid here – Jazakallah Khair