Friday Parking


Evening Parking


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Please consult the following maps on where to park near CIMIC if the CIMIC parking lot is full. Even if there are spaces in the CIMIC parking lot, you can utilize this information to leave spaces in the parking lot for older brothers and sisters, handicapped brothers and sisters, and families with young children. May Allah reward you for that. Please pay special attention to not park in any of our neighboring buildings parking lots.

The first map below is for parking spaces that can be used at Jumuah (Friday) prayer time.

The second map below is for parking in evenings (for iftars, taraweehs, and other evening functions).



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The Library Committee is responsible for overseeing the acquisition, technical processing, and management of the library’s resources as well as for the best use and maintenance of the library as a place. To improve the use of library facilities and to preserve its resources, the committee seeks suggestions from the members of the community as well as from those interested in its service. Donation of resources to the library is highly appreciated and it can be a sadaqah jariyyah (continuously-rewarding charity) for the donor.

To contact the Library Committee for questions, feedback, or donations, please send an email to library@cimic.org.

Library hours are posted on the library door.