CIMIC is located at cross section of Springfield & Lincoln Ave.
106 S. Lincoln
Urbana, IL 61801, USA

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Who We Are?

The Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center, also known as CIMIC, is a religious, not-for-profit organization affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America.

The purpose of CIMIC is to advance the cause of Islam and serve Muslims in East Central Illinois. CIMIC aims to provide coordination of local Muslim affairs, establish educational opportunities for local Muslims of all ages, foster a positive understanding of Islam in American society, and promote a spirit of brotherhood and equality and a commitment to justice.

The events organized by mosque volunteers serve the Muslim community of Central Illinois and the community of Champaign-Urbana at large. The mosque seeks to promote a nurturing educational environment, a family-friendly social environment, interfaith events with the community at large, and social activism.

Our structure includes a library, classrooms and a multi-purpose area. This space is used for Weekend Islamic School for children, Arabic school for people of all ages, and English classes for immigrants. The space is also used for tae-kwon-do classes twice a week as well as ping-pong tournaments and youth group activities. The mosque provides a place for small weddings, Eid celebrations and daily iftar meals in Ramadan.


Phase I: Construction of the Mosque

Property at 106 South Lincoln Avenue in Urbana was purchased in 1983 and the initial phase of construction — consisting of a library, a kitchen, ablution facilities, and a temporary prayer hall — was completed by 1988.

Phase II: Expanded prayer hall, classrooms, multi-purpose room

The mosque was expanded to its present size in 1994 with a permanent prayer hall, multipurpose area, office space, classrooms, expanded ablution facilities, and conversion of the temporary prayer hall into apartments. In 1997, additional was purchased, which was used to double the size of the parking lot.

Read Our Governing Constitution Here


The Central Illinois Mosque & Islamic Center was incorporated as an Illinois not-for-profit corporation in 1980. The current CIMIC Constitution was adopted in 1997 and since then has served as a model for Muslim organizations across the country.

CIMIC General Body

The General Body, comprised of all voting members, is the paramount authority within the organization and is responsible for oversight of the Board of Directors. The General Body selects all members of the Board of Directors and is obligated to assemble at least yearly to review all CIMIC affairs.


The Board of Directors is entrusted with the conduct of CIMIC affairs and is empowered to select officers, establish regulations and procedures, create committees, employ personnel, and engage in any other activities appropriate to the discharge of its trust.

The Board of Directors is composed of nine members, three of whom are elected by the General Body each year to a three-year term of service. Every Board member must be a CIMIC member who has maintained voting membership for at least two years prior to serving.

Board members are subject to the CIMIC Conflict of Interest Policy and are obligated annually to complete a Conflict of Interest Form documenting circumstances that might reasonably be regarded as creating risk of conflict between a Board member’s duties to CIMIC and the Board member’s other interests. Circumstances that may give rise to such conflict include financial interests, outside positions (whether paid or voluntary), and personal relationships (family, friends, group affiliations, etc.). The obligation to disclose potential conflicts of interest exists whether or not any impropriety has occurred or may occur.


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