The Fiqh Council of North America, & ISNA, have announced that the first day of fasting will be on Monday, May 6th, tarwaeeh will begin on Sunday night, May 5th. For first 10 days Isha Iqamah will be at 9:40pm.

Ramadan Iqamah Schedule Ramdan_Iqamah_2019

Eid ul Fitr will be on Tuesday, June 4th.
Two Eid Prayers:
The first at the Masjid, Takbirat at 7:00 am, prayer at 7:30 am. Parking is limited, please park properly.
The second at Wyndham Garden Hotel:1001 Killarney St. Urbana. (the same as last year).
Takbirat start st 9:30 am, Prayer at 10 am.
Children Eid gifts will be given after the second prayer

We will have Bouncing house, & Breakfast there too. If you wish to bring something to eat, please make sure it is easy to serve like finger food (cookies, etc).

Don’t forget to bring change to the Eid prayer to give the children who greet you with Eid Mubarak.

Iftar schedule: posted in the masjid

Zakat al-Fitr is $10 per person (including children) and may be deposited in the designated slot in the Masjid donation box. It must be paid before the Eid prayer, but please pay as early as you can so that the money may be passed to those in need well before Eid day.

Zakat al-Mal is paid on eligible wealth above a threshold value that has been in your possession for a year. It is encouraged to pay during Ramadan, either directly to eligible individuals or through CIMIC or another reputable Islamic charitable organization of your choice. Online calculators to assist in computing Zakat al-Mal may be found at IslamiCity.comIslamic Relief, and elsewhere. Muslim Advocates offers helpful information to assist you in charitable giving.

If you know someone in our community who is in need, please inform the Ibadat Committee.

Fajr and Isha

Fajr iqama during the month of Ramadan is 20 minutes after the adhan of Fajr.

The first set of Tarawih (8 raka’s plus Witr) should conclude by 11:00 PM. To encourage appreciation for legitimate diversity in worship, Witr is conducted in various styles throughout the month, with qunut usually lasting no more than 5 minutes. A second set of Tarawih (completing total 20 raka’s plus Witr) starts approximately 10 minutes after conclusion of the first set of Tarawih.

CHILDREN: Parents are encouraged to keep your children beside you to teach them how to pray. During the first set of Tarawih, childcare is also available free of charge for those ages 10 and below, provided that they are toilet trained.

PARKING: Limited parking is available in the CIMIC lot. Please use street parking or public lots if you can, to allow space at CIMIC for those who are handicapped, elderly, or have small children. Please take extra care not to park in the lots of neighboring residences or anyplace not clearly marked as a legal parking space. See map for area parking.

Iftar, Tahajjud, and Sahur

CIMIC will offer Tahajjud prayers the last ten days of Ramadan. Prayers will be from 2 AM to 3 AM. Suhur will be provided, Inshallah.

Volunteers are needed for set-up, serving, and clean-up.

Contributions are being accepted at the Masjid to help defray the costs of providing Iftar and Sahur.

Please contact the Office Manager for more information.