All Salats/Prayers at CIMIC are suspended till further notice due to Covid-19 Impact. Please follow announcements on website and CIMIC social media to keep updated- Thanks!



The Central Illinois Mosque & Islamic Center, also known as CIMIC, is a religious, not-for-profit organization affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America.

The purpose of CIMIC is to advance the cause of Islam and serve Muslims in East Central Illinois. CIMIC aims to provide coordination of local Muslim affairs, establish educational opportunities for local Muslims of all ages, foster a positive understanding of Islam in American society, and promote a spirit of brotherhood and equality and a commitment to justice.

Phase I: Construction of the Mosque

Property at 106 South Lincoln Avenue in Urbana was purchased in 1983 and the initial phase of construction — consisting of a library, a kitchen, ablution facilities, and a temporary prayer hall — was completed by 1988.

Phase II: Expanded prayer hall, classrooms, multi-purpose room

The mosque was expanded to its present size in 1994 with a permanent prayer hall, multipurpose area, office space, classrooms, expanded ablution facilities, and conversion of the temporary prayer hall into apartments. In 1997, additional was purchased, which was used to double the size of the parking lot.

Phase III: CIMIC Annex

The regular Friday congregation has grown steadily and no longer fits within the prayer hall. In addition, the mosque has become more than a place to pray – it’s a place to teach children about Islam, hold community forums, Ramadan iftars, weddings, sporting events and more. Our community has grown in size and in its need for services. The CIMIC Annex is to be the latest phase of CIMIC growth, and is intended to foster the growth of the next generation of Muslim leaders.