All Salats/Prayers at CIMIC are suspended till further notice due to Covid-19 Impact. Please follow announcements on website and CIMIC social media to keep updated- Thanks!


CIMIC is Expanding! 

future pic

A schematic drawings of the proposed CIMIC Annex.


As the Champaign-Urbana Muslim community steadily grows, more space is needed for events, activities and gatherings. This will be made available through the construction of the CIMIC Annex. The proposed four-story building will be constructed across the street from the current CIMIC  building, and  is planned to include a large multi-purpose room, kitchen facilities, recreational and office spaces, study space, and classrooms. In addition to these community spaces, the top two floors of the Annex will be dedicated to University of Illinois certified student housing, provide dorm rooms as well as halal meals for 38 student residents. After completion of the annex, the existing mosque building will be remodeled to expand the prayer hall.

The purpose of the CIMIC Annex is to serve the needs of the growing community, while also providing a safe, supportive environment for Muslim students and youth. Additionally, the annex will also be a source of continuing financial support for CIMIC’s religious, educational, and social activities. Enhanced programming capabilities afforded by the new annex will enable CIMIC to foster generations of leadership for Muslim communities throughout the United States and beyond. Construction of this annex is the most recent phase in an ongoing project that began in 1980 with the construction of the existing CIMIC structure.