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Eid Announcements

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Eid ul Fitr will be Tuesday, June 4th.
Two Eid Prayers:
The first at the Masjid, Takbirat at 7:00 am, prayer at 7:30 am. Parking is limited, please park properly.
The second at Wyndham Garden Hotel:1001 Killarney St. Urbana. (the same as last year).
Takbirat start st 9:30 am, Prayer at 10 am.
Children Eid gifts will be given after the second prayer

We will have Bouncing house, & Breakfast there too. If you wish to bring something to eat, please make sure it is easy to serve like finger food (cookies, etc).

Don’t forget to bring change to the Eid prayer to give the children who greet you with Eid Mubarak
Ramadan Zakat ul Fitr this year is $10 per person, please pay it soon so it can be distributed before the Eid.