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Eid Announcements & prayer place change

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Eid Aladha will be Sunday Aug. 11th we will have two Eid prayers in the Masjid

The 1st prayer is at 7:30 am in the Masjid, Takbirat starts at 7:00 am.

The 2nd prayer is at 10 am in the Masjid (not in the hotel as the last Eid), Takbitat starts at 9:30 am (See why the place change below).

– No parking in the church parking lots (It is Sunday and they need their parking space).

– Most University parking lots are free on Sunday and available near the Masjid.

– Most city parking meters are free on Sunday

– Please give a chance for the families with children to park in the Masjid parking lot.

– No talking or cell phone usage during the khutba (please remember that the Kutbah is

part of the prayer.

– Don’t forget to give the children money if they greet you with “Eid Mubarak.” Please

make the Eid a special day for the children .

– Breakfast will be provided and served in the masjid only after the second prayer. Please

respect any food arrangements that have been prepared in advance. If you wish to have

breakfast at the masjid, please attend the second prayer. If someone wishes, they may bring something to share to the second prayer.